A Trilogy In the Making!

Mr. Beaux, my beloved Bodhisattva at 18 years young

The Magical, Mystical Musings of Mr. Beaux!

I would like for you to meet Mr. Beaux, my Bodhisattva. This handsome fella is one of our beloved family members.  We recently celebrated his 18th birthday.  At the same time we reached a milestone together: We completed the second draft of the first book in a trilogy we are co-creating!

This trilogy is based on actual personal events in our lives!  In the thrilling trilogy we:

  • share fun feline facts
  • dispel cat myths and misconceptions
  • survive harrowing “hurrications”
  • chat about clicker-trained toads
  • share insights about animal communication
  • learn how to locate missing-in-action cats
  • talk about my Cherokee heritage teachings
  • explore near-death nights
  • share soul contracts and more!

You can learn more here!


There are no ordinary cats. – Colette ​