Behind The Veil Creations™


“In quietness are all things answered.”
― A Course in Miracles

Welcome, friends!  It is with a humble and grateful heart that I Am now sharing this … Conscious Companion has created a sacred space for those who want to learn more about what lies behind the Veil.

This is a space where inspiration flows freely.  This is a place and where hearts and minds are healed.  This is a safe and loving place where we can let go of our limiting beliefs.  This is a space where we can choose to be in tune with the Love that is always with us.  Here we discover that what we deeply love and cherish cannot leave us.

Here we learn there is no death; there is only Life.

Here we explore the many worlds of the “afterlife”. We share messages from The Standing Ones, insights from our Cosmic Committees, and support and inspiration from the highest realms.  Here we see, feel, know, and remember that even in “death” we are not separated.

In fact, we are always connected; We Are One.

“What you think you are is a belief to be undone.” – ACIM

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Becoming a conscious creator with the subtle realms is not as complicated as it may seem.  In fact, we all have access to these other worlds that reside alongside, within, and around our physical world. 

There are worlds that are waiting beyond the Veil. 

When we are willing to learn how to utilize the immense power, assistance, and insights from the subtle realm around us, we change the world we live in, and how we move through this life.

I will be writing a book about these experiences in the future, but for now these insights are coming to life via art.  I also offer sessions for these as well. 

I should mention with a bit of humor, that I am not an artist by any means.  But I Am a conduit.  Being an open-hearted Empath and an Intuitive allows me to do this.  What comes through is always of the highest and purest forms; you may know these as peace, joy, and love.  It is always my intention to share what comes through with an open heart and fearless Mind.  It has been an honor, joy, and privilege to become a conduit for healing and inspiration for so many over the years.

I have hid these abilities from the world until recently.  Now I Am sharing what I have seen, felt, heard, and learned with you.  Stay Tuned! ✨And Stay Inspired!✨

Behind the Veil

Behind The Veil Creations™


“Your Friend goes with you. You are not alone.” -A Course In Miracles

💜One of the most difficult challenges in life is saying goodbye to a beloved.🧡

But goodbye is not forever. Our Cherokee heritage teaches there is no death; only a door to another realm. a new beginning. new chapter. new world.

Behind the Veil our beloveds no longer know fear, scarcity, pain, or suffering. They are truly at peace.

They want this peace for us, too.

Thankfully, after much suffering, I finally learned this. And through the countless In-Spirit readings I’ve provided for families who’ve said goodbye to their beloved, I’m humbled and grateful for what I discover. I Am in awe.

The peace, joy and freedom they are enveloped in, is astonishing; regardless of how their earthly vessel was laid aside.

In the animal & elemental kingdom, “death” is not a word. It is unreal. It is an illusion. To these highly evolved beings, there is no death; there is only an awakening. There is only a returning Home.

✨Our True Home.✨

Our animal companions understand that when it’s time to lay the body aside, there is nothing to fear. They know that the death of the body is a release.  It is freedom. Expansion.

It is all that their physical world withheld from them. It IS the only reality that gives them Life.  It is a celebration of the soul.

Who our animal companions and family members were in their physical body, while they were here with us, is only a glimpse of Who they Are after they transition. They Become their fullest expression.

Standing by, always on call, loving us unconditionally …

Our beloveds are always with us; just out of our awareness.

“Say no goodbyes to those we love,
Though they have passed from view.
Our mortal eyes seem not to see
The truth that our hearts do.
Love is of the spirit.
It exists beyond these shores.
And love still flows between us,
Now and forever more.”


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