The World of Wildlife to The World of Pets

“True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.”
​― Nikos Kazantzakis


Writing is only one way that I love to share my experience and knowledge with others.  After spending nearly 20 years as a naturalist and zoologist, I have carried this unique knowledge and experience into the world of pets!  Today I am a professional animal behavior consultant for both people and their pets, and animal care facilities!


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10 thoughts on “The World of Wildlife to The World of Pets

  1. Liz

    I agree 100%. My cats are super sensitive to their environment and also how we are acting around them. One had a bad habit of overgrooming* – and one day, his sister started doing it, too. I knew it was learned behavior from watching him, but now, after reading your post, I realize there was another component to it, too. She was probably stressed, because I had been stressed and so, she took comfort in grooming, since she saw her brother doing it. I am less stressed now (thankfully) and recently, I noticed that her fur has grown back on her belly and she is not over-grooming anymore. (*Btw – we ruled out any illness or skin issues at the vet.)

    I’m so aware of how much their personalities mimic my husband and me — of course it makes sense that they are also tuned in to our behavior. Thanks for sharing this great information!

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  2. I am trying to find an email or page for the nature photographer u posted Charlie Bird who was with the seals in Antarctica I thimk. Can you help me? I am a pro photographer too thanks


  3. Hi, I’m the co-founder of The International Coalition Against Declawing’ group on facebook and like your ‘Cats and Claws belong together’ blog very much, but as far as we know there are only 8 cities where declawing is banned so far. Berkeley, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Culver City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood. Could you tell me the other 2 please? They are maybe more places like Norfolk, VA where they passed legislation years ago that says no one can declaw but a vet, so it’s not actually banned there, Thank you


    1. Ruth, hello and thank you for the feedback! The bill states there are 10 cities, but I am also only aware of 7 cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Burbank, Santa Monica, Berkeley, Beverly Hills and Culver City). I would love to know where the other 3 are as well. This link has info pertaining to state laws governing elective surgical procedures, but it may be out of date as of Jan 2016:


  4. West Hollywood too, according to The Paw Project. If I can find out where the other 2 are I will let you know. New York state have legislation coming up soon to ban declawing there too, what a huge step forward that would be! In the 8 years I’ve been involved in educating about declawing, our group and the movement has really grown and we are even seeing some vets stopping, but we have a long way to go yet and your latest blog is a wonderful help, I hope you will write more like it

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    1. Ruth, how wonderful that you have been so involved for 8 years! Thank you, to you and your team, for all the hard work and dedication. I appreciate your kind words.

      Re the other counties, I know West Hollywood is in the 90069 zipcode, but I am not sure of the others. W. Hollywood might overlap with the other counties listed. Regardless, I hope to see all counties in the U.S. following their lead! =^..^= Blessings!


      1. I’m just finding my way round your wonderful web site, you obviously love cats as much as I do. I design educational posters for our group and our members share them and we have saved many claws that way. Some people can take in pictures better than they can words. Here in England we never declawed even when it was legal so it was a shock when I found out it was happening in the USA and Canada and to little kittens too at the time of neutering and I felt I just had to do something to help.

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      2. Yes, I do adore them. Cats are amazing, wise, and soulful teachers. I have worked with exotic cats for a long time, well before working with domestic cats, so it has been a wonderful journey. I learn something new every day. I am so grateful for that.

        Thank YOU for having the courage and kindness within you to do the work you do. I trust that one day this issue will be a thing of the past, and our feline friends everywhere will only know peace and respect.


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