The Thrilling Trilogy!

Books take us on incredible adventures, transporting us to new worlds.  Books bring worlds together, allowing us to view life through new lenses. Books can change lives for the better. But best of all, books show us: The Greatest Secrets Are Hiding In Plain Sight.

– Amy Martin, Conscious Companion

As we find ourselves at the beginning of 2021, we are in the midst of a challenging life chapter in the collective. Like every challenge in life, this is an opportunity to create solutions. Beyond what we see unfolding on the world stage, there is much shifting and unfolding behind the scenes; this is is truly a time of evolution, expansion, and a new way of being for all beings! Hope, trust, unity, and unconditional love will lead us down a new Empowered Path.

But each person must choose their path.

​We are both individually and collectively at a choice point. Our collective circumstance are inviting each of us to bloom. For when one blooms, their individual expansion affects all life on Earth and beyond. We are not separate from anything or anyone; We Are One.

Despite what many are feeling, we are on the precipice of a new empowering collective chapter. While we walk the world a while, we are all being invited into this new chapter of immense change. Thankfully, we do not walk our path alone. Beyond what our human eyes see, there is unfathomable unseen support behind the scenes. We are in an eternal wellspring where wondrous opportunities await!

But can we stay centered and safe within the storm?

We can.

Thankfully, we have endless sign posts, compasses, and anchors all around us while we sail stormy seas. But to recognize all of them clearly, we will need a new kind of sight and a heart that remains open. For the support we are looking for comes in a myriad of forms; some of which cannot be seen. As Helen Keller once stated, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, but just felt in the heart.” As we move forward into this next life chapter together, may we always remember that every moment is a new beginning. And may we know that there is no ending to the incredible adventures we can experience in every life chapter if we seek them with our hearts and minds open.

Discover how we can all do this together, through our Thrilling Trilogy (based on unbelievable real life events)!

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