Heroes Come In Many Forms

Heroes Come In Many Forms


Humble Heroes

In every military conflict in our nation’s history, there are stories of heroes.  Many of these heroes walk on four legs.  For decades dogs and horses have served our nation by playing vital roles as mascots, guards, trackers and even mine detectors, saving thousands of human lives.

  • Meet some of the most famous dogs of past wars here.

  • Meet more current canine companions in war here.

  • Meet the indomitable, Seargent Reckless here


Medals of Honor for Humble Heros

“For Gallantry. We Also Serve,” reads the Dickin Medal, a medallion awarded to animals the work of animals in wartime. The medallion was created by Maria Dickin in 1943 to honor the work and often, sacrifice, of animals in World War II.



Famous Felines of War

Cats are often overlooked when it comes to military animals, but our feline friends have always been by man’s side.  During WWI and WWII cats were very much a part of the naval service – both here in the States and abroad.

New mascot ‘Saipan’ of the USS New Mexico settling into her cat hammock.  – The New Mexico provided support during the U.S. Marine invasion of Saipan in 1944, so it’s likely this cat was rescued after the battle.


Meet “Miss Hap”, a two-week old Korean kitten, who was an orphan of war in 1953.  Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor is feeding her milk here.  This Marine adopted the kitten after her mother was killed by a mortar barrage near Bunker Hill.  The name, Miss Hap, was given because she was born at the wrong place at the wrong time. 


Remember ALL who Serve.

This Memorial Day weekend, please remember to honor the many men and women who have selflessly and courageously served, and the four-legged heroes that have always been by their side. 🐴🐾🐈🐕

Thank you all, for your service! 🎖🏅

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