Didga, the Cat with Mad Skateboarding Skills!

A cat is more intelligent than people believe, and can be taught any crime. -Mark Twain, Notebook, 1895

Didga the Skateboarding Cat _cat _skate board_Clicker training for cats

Behold the cat that loves to skateboard … and who does it well, I might add.  Meet Didga, a two and a half year young clicker trained rescue cat who shows us that cats are not only clever, but they can “Drop In” with the best of them!

Check out this video of Didga showing off her Mad Skateboarding Skills for local kids at a skate park:

Didga’s Story

Didga was rescued from a shelter at 13 weeks. At 2 and a half years young, Didga is teaching people everywhere what cats are capable of!  She and her human, Robert Dollwet, want cat guardians to understand the value of responsible cat ownership by keeping their cats indoors, while showing people that they can teach their feline friends to walk on a leash, and other fun activities. This kind of positive, force-free training gives “the indoor cat experiences like those of an outdoor cat BUT without the dangers”.

Check out Didga in her first Skateboarding video here!

You can see more videos of Didga in action at her YouTube channel.

The next time you think your cat can’t learn, come back and watch these videos of Didga in action.

Dogs have owners, cats have staff.  

images via catmantoo

Robert Dollwet operates Malbu Dog Training in Australia.

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