Things That Go BOOM In The Night

Happy New Year’s Eve! Conscious Companion would like to send you and your family many well wishes for the New Year.

As we prepare for New Year’s Eve festivities, we need to plan for our pets, too. It’s very important to recognize that our animal companions have a year behind them as well; they may be less tolerant of what they were tolerant of, or comfortable with a year ago.  If you are having guests over, please consider what this means for your pets! Be sure to plan ahead: Consider what your family might need to do to help your cat, dog, bird, etc. to feel safe and secure as you welcome in 2015!

If you’d like a few tips to make sure everyone has a safe, fun night, check out this post!

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

p.s. This post is geared toward dogs, so if you are owned by cats, skip to the bottom to get kitty tips! =^..^=

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Happy New Year! This post was written for the 4th of July, but the tips and techniques in here work just as well for New year’s Eve!

Soon people all over the U.S. will be celebrating the Fourth of July and our neighbors to the north are preparing for Canada Day!  Folks everywhere are getting ready for the visual and sound Smörgåsbord paired with good food, great friends, and family.  However, most animals would probably order the food, but hold the fireworks. So while we are preparing to party, let’s prepare our pets, too.

If you have worked or lived with an animal, you know that most of them are frightened of loud or startling noises.  The fear of loud sounds is called noise phobias.  Even if your animal companion has not displayed this fear before, the sights and sounds on The Fourth of July could easily bring out their most intense fears.

scared-parrot “What are…

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