Read My Thoughts, Human.

Do you ramble on about your daily troubles to your pets?  Do you pour out your heart to your animal companions, only to watch them stare blankly back at you?  Have you ever looked at your devoted canine companion and wondered 'What is she thinking?'. I do. - a lot. Well, thanks to a brand …

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Dog Park Crazies

If you have ever been to a dog park, chances are you have met one ... weirdos at the dog park. Well the folks at Portlandia on the IFC made a hilarious spoof about them. Watch their comedic interpretation of them here:   There are no crazy dogs; Just crazy dog people. 

Boxing Day is Everyday for Cats After Christmas!

Mr. Beaux (19 years of age) and his buddy Knox (9) enjoying some Box Time under our Christmas Tree Many people around the world are celebrating Boxing Day today! Different countries celebrate this annual event with their personal heritage and traditions. But here in our home, this is how our feline family members celebrate Boxing …

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The Paradoxical Dog

My Dog: The Paradox, By The Oatmeal Click on the image for many laughs. 

M.I.A. Shoes

Now we know the truth behind those missing shoes in our homes.

Animal Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Savings Time never ends, or begins in the world of a hungry animal.

A Porcupine and His True Love: A Pumpkin

Have you ever seen a tiger bat at a boomer ball, an octopus play with a water toy, an otter hunt down live fish, or a sun bear play eat a real honey comb?  If you were to visit a reputable zoo or aquarium you might see these fun and entertaining behaviors in action! The …

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Pick Your Battles

 .... especially if you are a dog  that lives with these cats: Warning: There is chilling, creepy content at the end of this video! To view the non-Halloween version, click here.   Conscious