Want to Be a Dog Whisperer? Try THIS.

It's not very often that I come across an article or post from other dog trainer that makes me yell, YES! PERFECTION! THANK YOU!!  I found one today. I am taking the time to sit down and share this with you because it is one of the most powerful and effective ways to listen and communicate …

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From Cat-Nappings to Trusted Travels!

How to Transform Trips to the Vet from Cat-Nappings to Trusted Travels!

Day of the Dragon!

Today is International Appreciate A Dragon Day!  Yeah, I know.  It sounds crazy, but if there is an international peanut butter day, then dragons can certainly have their turn in the international spotlight.  As soon as I heard that today was appreciate a dragon day, I was really psyched because one very special dragon came …

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