The Dish On Grass


Monday’s Misperception:  “Dogs Eat Grass to Throw Up.”

Origin:  This myth originates from people observing dogs eating grass, and then seeing the dog vomit later.

The Truth:  There appear to be two distinct types of grass-eating behaviors in domestic dogs. Some dogs graze casually, taking only a few bites of grass at a time.  Others chow down on grass vigorously and with a purpose.  Dogs that really chow down on grass tend to vomit it (and other stomach contents) within a matter of minutes.  Dogs that graze slowly usually do not throw up.

So, when your canine companion dines on the green blades of goodness, it does not necessarily mean that a he or she has an upset stomach.

However, it’s still important to consciously observe their behavior for any other health signs that may need attention.

Learn more about canine grass grazing here.


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