The Paradoxical Dog

My Dog: The Paradox, By The Oatmeal Click on the image for many laughs. 

To Leash, or Not To Leash?

.... This is the question for many dog guardians. This handy (and comical) flowchart should help you to make the best decision for you and your canine companion! Many thanks to Jenny Williams for allowing us to help educate others with her graphic! You can download a PDF of the graphic in various languages here. …

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The Dish On Grass

Monday's Misperception:  "Dogs Eat Grass to Throw Up." Origin:  This myth originates from people observing dogs eating grass, and then seeing the dog vomit later. The Truth:  There appear to be two distinct types of grass-eating behaviors in domestic dogs. Some dogs graze casually, taking only a few bites of grass at a time.  Others …

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