Simple Acts of Kindness


Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind. ― Henry James

So they say that today is World Kindness Day.  There’s a day for everything these days, so why not kindness?  It seems to be in short supply but in high demand around the world, so I am glad to see this day being celebrated.

Kindness is defined as “the quality or state of being kind” and “a kind act”.  Sounds pretty simple, right? Well if it’s so simple, why aren’t we doing this every day of the year?Kindness

I have a secret that I have kept to myself, but since it’s World Kindness Day, I feel like I can share it with you.  Who knows, maybe it will spread like wildfire.  Every so often (when I remember to do it) I will pay for the person’s order in line behind me when I go through the drive though our local coffee place.  I never know what they’re going to get, and I don’t worry about if it’s going to be expensive. And cool enough – it never is.  It’s always within my means.

(I have thought about how cool it would be to pay it forward at the grocery store as well, but then I laugh about the chance of offering to pay for the person in line behind me, and rather than picking up the tab for a dude and his 6 pack of beer, chips and dip, I get the lady with $300 worth of groceries.)

Ok, so back to the secret paying it forward game that I do … I have to say that the best part of paying it forward with any random act of kindness is that I usually do it when I am in a super craptastic mood.  You would think that would be the last moment when you would want to do something for someone else, but you would be surprised. It’s pretty remarkable how helping another person and sending a little love their way when you are feeling down will brighten your mood, knowing that you might have put a smile on someone’s face, or created a warm place in their heart.

A few weeks ago one of my best friends made a fun, colorful shirt that read “FREE HUGS” then went out to her local mall and approached strangers. She challenged herself and made herself vulnerable, but it totally paid off. People loved her hugs and she made so many people smile!

One of my best buddies out at her local shopping area spreading love and kindness!
One of my best buddies out at her local shopping area spreading love and kindness!

There are so many ways that we can spread kindness and cheer.  And we can do this 356 days out of the year.  Do it when your heart is sad. Do it when you are frustrated or annoyed.  Do it when you are in the best mood.  Just do it.  Spread love and kindness in any way that you can think of.  And if you can’t think of ideas, here are a few to choose from. And here are a few ideas for the kids out there.

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ― Mark Twain


In the video below, they track one act of kindness as it’s passed from one person to another. Eventually this one act of kindness boomerangs back to the person who set it in motion:

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. ― Lao Tzu

No matter where you are in the world today, it’s your day to change the world with one simple act of kindness. Heck, shoot for a dozen ways to spread kindness. The ripple effects will reach far beyond your wildest dreams!

What random acts of kindness do you enjoy sharing?  Please share in the comments below!  Then pass on the love!

acts of doing good and kindness


If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction. – Martin Kornfeld

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