Music to Calm the Canine and Feline!

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. ― Plato

Tibby the kitten listens to a radio program on February 1, 1926.  We all know cats don't care about news, but  a new study shows that felines enjoy music that's tailored to their ears.
Tibby the kitten listens to a radio program on February 1, 1926. We all know cats don’t care about news, but a new study shows that felines enjoy music that’s tailored to their ears.

Got a cat? Got a Dog? Get some tunes to soothe them.

But don’t just turn on your favorite jams. The kind of music you play for your pets matters.  Science has shown that music specifically tailored for cats or dogs helps to heal, soothe, and calm them!  This is referred to this as BioAcoustic Music.  You can read about the research here.

This short video explains the research and inspiration behind iCalmDog, “The Portable Solution to Canine Anxiety”

The scientific foundation of species-specific music rests on discoveries about the fundamental nature of music and about differences among mammalian species in the perception and processing of sound. All mammals are born with templates of sound in the brain that govern emotional response. Many of these templates come as “standard equipment” and are not always learned, as demonstrated by the observation of a monkey that had been raised in isolation reacting appropriately the first time it heard an alarm call from one of its own species. We humans are built similarly. If someone were to scream in your presence your heart rate would increase; there is no way for you to prevent it. You would not, however, respond similarly to the alarm call of a squirrel. Study of the characteristics of a given species gives us a basis for music for that species. ~ Teyus Music LLC


Lisa Spector has created a series of CDs and devices for cats and dogs. There are a variety to choose from:

  • Driving Edition – Music to Calm Your Dog in the Car: Riding in the car can be very stressful for many dogs, and very exciting for others. In either case, this can create anxiety for the driver. You may be concerned about your dog barking, excessively panting, jumping up and down (even in a kennel), or running from window to window.
  • Music for the Canine Household: Uplifting and psychoacoustically designed classical music can be played for the enjoyment and relaxation of people while simultaneously creating a positive sound environment for dogs.
  • Music to Comfort Your Elderly Canine, Vol. 1, 2 and 3:  As your dog gets up in years, older dog syndromes may cause a change in behavior. If your pooch is less responsive, sleepless at night, or stares at a wall, now you have a tool to help – without resorting to pharmaceuticals. Elderly Canine is the first therapeutic sound program designed for mature dogs.
  • Music to Calm Your Puppy, Vol. 1 and 2: Your puppy’s nervous system is fragile; their sensory environment can positively or negatively impact personality, perception, and tolerances for years to come. From 6-weeks to 18-months, all pups are sensitive and highly receptive. An early peaceful sound environment helps mold a calm canine. Music to Calm Your Puppy contributes to a soothing sonic environment and helps mask unwelcome noises. With puppy-specific frequency modulation, CYP also becomes an auditory trigger to help transitions from playtime to training or sleep.
  • The Calm Your Canine Series (Vols. 1-3)

Learn more about Through a Dog’s Ear here.

music for pets_dogs

  • Through a Cat’s Ear, Volume 2 is provides sensory enrichment for indoor cats. Why is environmental enrichment important? Without high sensorial activities, your indoor cat’s nervous system becomes chronically stressed. This leads to difficult behaviors and/or illnesses that impact the entire cat household.

Learn more about Through a Cat’s Ear here. 


The best part of all of this is the sale that Lisa is having in honor of her 12 year old dog, Sanchez, who inspired Through a Dog’s Ear! Check out the sale here.

Where words leave off, music begins.
― Heinrich Heine


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