Rethinking Success

“Permanent success – real success – is found within YOU.  It’s restoring Who You Are; not something you have to achieve out in the world” – Patrick Darling‏


success_sacred geomerty

What is “success” to you?

What does it look like, What does it feel like? How does it come into your life?  Is it training a new behavior, getting more credentials, or losing weight?  Is it landing a new client?  A new book deal?  A new relationship?  Is it finding a great job, a new home, or getting pregnant?  Are your successes found in helping a person, plant, or pet?  Is it rescuing something or someone?  Are your successes big or little?  Are they an every day occurrence or something few and far between?  Are they a standard in which you judge your accomplishments or failures? Do your successes define you?

I used to measure all of the successes and failures in my life on whether or not I gained something, taught something, understood something, completed something, or received something.

But all this time, a thought kept coming into my awareness: Maybe there’s more to success than the usual definition society assumes it to be.

Maybe we have it all backward.  Maybe the world’s idea of success is not based in Truth.

“What you think you are is a belief to be undone.”
A Course in Miracles

Thankfully I learned to listen to the Thoughts that showed me a different way of defining success.  These days I tend to measure success on a different scale.  I see the success of others differently.   Thanks to a conscious and deliberate shift in my perception now I experience many successes every day.   I’ve started to see successes in every day life occurrences.  I now see success in people, places, events, and gifts that we often take for granted.  I now see what true “success” is.

success in the little things
Smelling the sweet intoxicating scent of honeysuckle is a success for me.


Success for me these days includes:  Being brave, trusting life, not judging someone or myself,  setting aside self criticism, not comparing myself to another, waking up rested, being without pain, remembering to laugh, seeing a smile from a stranger, teaching a child something that excites their mind, keeping my heart open, being fully present, listening to a loved one, being kind to myself, extending this kindness to others, releasing judgement, practicing true forgiveness, being the observer, practicing Self Care, watching the wag of a happy dog, feeling the purr of a content cat, hearing the song of a bird, enjoying shade from a tree, feeling the sun on my skin, and smelling the scent of a flower.


passion flower
first bloom from our passion vine that I planted from a seedling!


Success happens when we stop trying so hard. Success occurs easily when we allow.

I experience success in just being with the things that I love and appreciate.

I find success in the events of life that bring me joy.

I feel success when I see, feel, or experience things that make my heart swell.

I Am “successful” when I give my presence, my friendship, my time, and my love to others.

I am “success” when I can find peace in the midst of turmoil.

I am successful when I allow Kindness and Love to Rule my world.




Never Forget This:

There are countless successes happening in our lives every day.  

We just have to be willing to see them.



One new perception, one fresh thought, one act of surrender, one change of heart, one leap of faith, can change your life forever.

― Robert Holden

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