Are You Prepared? How to Evacuate with Your Animal Companion

If you believe you can accomplish everything by “cramming” at the eleventh hour, by all means, don’t lift a finger now. But you may think twice about beginning to build your ark once it has already started raining. ― Max Brooks, The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead

Hurricane Season Begins Tomorrow, folks. Are you prepared?

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hurricane The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June 1 until the end of November.  This year’s season is expected to be a very busy season.

Prepare Now.

Tornados, floods, fires and hurricanes, oh my!  We don’t expect them, but they do happen.  Nature can strike fast and furiously.   The Atlantic Hurricane Season is almost here.  It runs from June 1 until November 30.  This week (May 24-30) is National Hurricane Preparedness Week.   Please take a moment to mark this on your calendar.   This week is a time of the year that we all need to make note of every year, especially if you have a family, and one that includes animal companions.   Planning and preparing will save your family a load of stress, and could even save lives.   Officials advise to not wait until a storm is already in the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic…

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