Cats Who Cache!

Bewildering behaviors are common in homes with cats, but all behavior has its roots. Once we understand that all behavior serves a purpose, we gain a new perspective ... Get a glimpse into the behavior of panthers and cougars and how it relates to your house panther!

Covert Cougars!

March 2018 Hello, gorgeous! I am speaking to both you and that cougar 😉 I hope you are enjoying life, while remembering to give yourself as much unconditional love as your furry, finned, scaled, and feathered companion give to you.  In my last post I went waaaaay up into the heart, so today I am going …

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Will It Be The Eve of Chaos or Calm?

December has been a month of multicultural holiday celebrations, but the holidays ain't over folks. New Year's Eve will be here in just a few days.  The question isn't “when will it arrive?”  The question is, will it arrive at your home with a big bang, or will it arrive with grace and ease?   I can …

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