Frisky, Fit Felines!


Do any of your feline family members have a little too much squish underneath all that fur?  Does he or she not get enough exercise?  Would you like to see them trim down a bit?  Well, a clever ad agency recently released a comical commercial featuring cats performing aerobic exercises called “Work It Kitty!” in an effort to promote a healthier lifestyle for cats.

The clip below features enthusiastic felines including Mr. Freckles, Pumpkin, Tom, Boots, Harley, Fritz, and Banjo.  They use exercise moves like the “rear leg lift”, “toilet paper rolling”, “paw rotation”, “jumping box squats”, and “ab cruncher”.  Watch these frisky felines get their exercise groove on!

Kitty Jazzercise

PS. Temptation Cat treats are serious kitty crack. Beware.

I encourage you to spend about 10-15 minutes a few times each day engaging your feline family member in some form of physical activity.  Here Are a Few (Realistic) Tips To Keep Your Feline Frisky & Fit:

  • Fill a ball with treats and roll it around.
  • Hide treats or toys around your house and watch the feline hunter hunt them down.
  • Randomly leave treats or toys on  tables or low shelves.  Encourage kitty to jump! It’s a great way to maintain muscle tone. ~ Alternate where the goodies are placed to increase movement and maintain their interest levels.
  • Take kitty for a WALK (details on how to do this coming soon).

 How do you make sure your feline family member gets enough exercise?

Cat_workout _exercise

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