Chicken Soup for The Animal’s Soul and Body!

When we are not feeling well, or when the winter weather has chilled us to the bone, many people crave a steaming bowl of homemade soup to warm us up and make us feel cozy.  Did you know that we can do this for our animal companions, too?

You’ve probably heard that chicken noodle soup is kind of a “soul food.” When we’re sick, we want to eat foods that comfort us. And there’s research now that proves the science behind why certain types of foods are nourishing to people and comforting to pets. ~ Dr. Becker

A homemade bone broth is a nutritious option to offer your animal companion as a healthy comfort (and healing!) food at any time of year!  Bone broth is an excellent source of nourishment for animals recovering from illness.  It’s also helpful for those finicky eaters in our homes, and for senior pets with reduced appetites.  Bone broth is a source of nourishment that has been used for humans and animals for hundreds of years.

Bone Broth is Excellent Nourishment for Sick, Finicky and Older Pets ~  Dr. Becker

In the video below, Dr. Karen Becker, an integrative wellness veterinarian, shows you how to make a homemade bone broth.

Click here to download the transcript of Dr. Becker’s Interview from this video.


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